Friday, October 07, 2005


Shawl, cotton "denim" yarn, garter and stockinett stitch with yo rows

This is the same shawl from the Sept. 12 entry. I thought I'd upload this photo now, because I have to take a photo soon of the finished product. Maybe tonight. I'm calling it a "monster". It's huge! The drape of the fabric is really great. The lacy effect of the yo rows also results in a lovely very soft drape. I was able to work on it day and night while I was on a vacation trip over the past week so I'll finish about six more inches and it'll be ready to bind off. It's the biggest thing I've finished in quite awhile, but I have another about the same size within a foot or so of being done (the Noro wool one in the Sept. 24 entry). Woo hoo!!!

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