Thursday, October 20, 2005

Finished shaggy shawl

Here's the shawl in yesterday's entry completed! The garter stitch shawls on large-ish needles work up very quickly once the strands of yarn are all tied together. Most of the work is in selecting and preparing the yarns. This piece is on the light side rather than heavey and the softer fuzzier yarns make it very comfortable against the skin.

How to display finished pieces is becoming a real question for me. This one is wrapped around the back of a chair, but it still isn't sufficiently revealed in the photo that way. I've not worked up enough courage to ask the young people all around me to put things on so I can photograph them. I'm also thinking about working up a papier mache torso to use for pieces that are meant to be worn there. After I move. With the glass head I have and a papier mache torso or two I ought to be able to show off just about anything I make.

Another idea that I'm pondering is how to "sign" my work. So far I've only signed a few pieces using an embroidered ribbon. Maybe I could use fabric paint on a ribbon. Embroidering my name takes just long enough to drive me crazy with impatience.

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