Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wild Thang


Triangle shawl, mixed fibers; garter stitch; size US 10 wood cable needle, 32 in.

This worked up rather quickly with bulky yarns and carrying two strands. I finished it December 14.  I was inspired by the popcorn yarn that I got in San Diego  three years ago.  I just had to do something crazy with it.  I added two laceweight teal wools knitted together, an old heavy sari silk yarn, a beautiful purple all silk worsted, a couple of complex wild things with metallic strands and a custom dyed strange fleecey yarn by Prism.

It's warm and heavy, works well as a BIG babushka scarf.

Woven stitch - reverse stockinette side

Scarf; mohair, wool, silk; linen or woven stitch; size 5 vintage aluminum needles, 14 in.

I'm using different values of gray, alternating light and dark values so that this verticle stripes effect appears on the revers side. I'm becoming obsessed with this effect and am trying it in all kinds of fibers and gauges. It's very lightweight, warm and fuzzy.

Cotton and linen for spring

Scarf, cotton and cotton/linen/viscose blend, stockinette with garter ridges, size 7 needles

The linen gives this scarf heft and drape, and I adore the sea green sort of background with the standout ridges in different colors.

Eyelets in stockinette

Triangle shawl, silk and mohair yarns, size 4 US vintage plastic cable needle, 24 in.

I'm playing with this eyelet pattern in a basic stockinette stitch because I can add four stitches each row and easily maintain the pattern.  The mohair yarn is very fine, so the contrast with the thick one ply silk is striking, and it makes a nice variation on the stockinette pattern.

More garter stitch!

Scarf, mixed fibers, lace weight, garter stitch, on size 0 US size cable needle, 24 in

I'm using both ends of a skein of Taiyo lace weight yarn by Noro for this scarf, still enthralled by the garter stitch pattern from the Chrisstofferson book.