Friday, December 23, 2016

Degrade pink cotton shawl

Shawl, cotton, seed stitch, size 8 wood cable needle, 32 inches.

This has been lovely to knit, and I like the way it feels as it glides through my fingers while I'm knitting.  It will be a meditation shawl.

I am using a yarn that is dyed with very gradual color changes and I'm using two skeins at once, with the colors changing in slightly different sequences so that the color in the fabric is different than that in either skein of yarn being knitted.

It's about 28 inches from top to bottom and will grow to about 80 inches from end to end, so that it will wrap nicely around the body.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tan and spring green linen tape

Scarf, linen tape, garter stitch, two colors, size 3 wood cable needle, 24 in

Second attempt - the first attempt didn't even last long enough for a photo. This one was a basketweave stitch.

This is the third attempt at a design using this very fine linen yarn from the Japanese company, Habu Textiles. The two colors fascinate and enrage me because I love them together but the previous two designs just couldn't bring that balance that is needed.  I've settled back into a garter stitch, which alternates the colors each row. 

The yarn at this point still has a crispy texture, and I cannot WAIT to see what it's like once it has been washed! The tape is suited to the garter stitch and enhances the pebbly effect.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Scarf, mauve cotton and silk

I have this yarn in a deep cherry red color, and when I saw this lovely mauve I knew I would love working with it.  It's not exactly a straightforward color and tends to be nice in lots of different kinds of light.

Scarf, cotton and silk garter sritch size 6  cable needle wood 24 inches

Debbie Bliss cotton silk aran made in Italy

I love this yarn!  It just feels so good going through my fingers because of the silk that is blended in with the cotton. I love the way it shows all the stitch definition.  It drapes beautifully and the heaviness is dreamy. It's an older yarn, and it's no longer easily found in retail markets.

At this point it's about a third of the way done.  It's a heavy fabric because the yarn is heavy and I've made a dense texture by using the small needle and the garter stitch, which can be rather thick.

It's perfect for "public knitting" because the stitch is very straightforward and distractions don't disrupt the flow.

* * *