Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In the studio

Capelet, bamboo cable needle, size 13, reverse stockinette, mixed fibers

These are the yarns used in the ivory capelets with some black and colors. I'm enjoying the contrast. I'm trying many combinations of stitches and fibers in this capelet structure. I'll have a wide array at the art fair I'm doing in a couple weeks.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

In my knitting bag

I've been browsing around on Men Who Knit and Women Who Knit and came across a What's in your knitting bag?" post.

I don't really have a knitting bag. I think my equivalent is my "in progress" bin. It's so full of projects that I quail at the thought of trying to describe all of them. But I'm trying to get ready for a local street festival called "Art on Lark" so I'm running flat out to finish lots of stuff.

While down at the Woodstock Wool Company a couple weeks ago I picked up one of their mondo skeins of beautiful pima cotton. They dye it there, and the colors reminded me of Florida, where I spent the winter. I'm making it a derivation of Sally Melville's "Shape it!" scarf, and the colors of the yarn are the most beautiful in the long, slim rows, almost like ikat woven color changes. Me likes!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Webs - a Day in Paradise

I'm close enough to be able to go to Webs, the terrific yarn emporium in Northampton, Mass. Yesterday was a special day because it was my first day trip to webs since late summer last year. And it was a doozie. Not only are they in the middle of their normal anniversary sale, but they are having a two-day tent sale as well. The weather cooperated, although it looked threatening all day. I got into town a little early, so I went to a favorite local cafe just down Pleasant Street and waited eagerly, dreaming of all the yarns I had previewed on the store's website the day before. The tents were up, and local spinners were set up around the grounds with their wares as well, making it a true mind-expanding experience for the yarn lover. And the bargains were there. I'm a fan of cones, because I love to be able to get through a whole piece without having to tie together the small balls of yarn, and Webs has 'em. The sale prices weren't the 50% discounts and greater like some of the other yarns, but it was still easy to get an amount of tweedy silk/cotton yarn it takes to do a long sleeve sweater for US $20.00. There were luscious cones of mohair upon which I merely drooled because by the time I got to them my HUGE tub was full of yarn. And so on. I shopped for two hours and it was all good. It's always impressive to go back into the warehouse and shop, but with loads of prices dropped down for the sale it was mind-boggling to try to choose.

The lines at the cash registers were long. At first I was sort of non-plussed because I really wasn't feeling well. But as I settled and put my bin on the floor and began to observe what was around me I was delighted to see the numbers of knitters, weavers, spinners and fellow travelers milling around, touching, chatting and generally having a blast. Small groups of what were probably knitting circles were clustered around various displays, individuals were studying colors and textures, the buzz of people thinking of new projects and fun times ahead was energizing.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Finished hat

Hat, 100% wool, single crochet, wood crochet hook, unsized

This yarn is more bulky than the one used in the previous hat. It's Noro "Kuryon", which I happen to adore and horde. Again, I used a somewhat small hook so that the fabric is firm. I like this shape. All these hats are improvised to a certain degree, but are based loosely on a formula for increases. The are made from the top point down to the bottom, then twirly things are added.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finished capelet

Ivory capelet, mixed fibers, size 13 cable needle, 16 in. length, stockinette stitch

I have cast on 195 stitches for the bottom of this capelet, making it one size fits most. I chose a "base" yarn to begin. I then used one length of that base yarn for the cast on and the first row of stitches. Then I began to select the other yarns and cut lengths of them that were about 20 inches to 36 inches. I switched from the base yarn to another yarn and every other yarn switched was back to the base yarn.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Finished hat

Hat, crochet, 100% wool, size D/3.25mm crochet hook, single crochet

I used a hook that is on the small side so that the fabric would have a stiff, almost hard texture. Every stitch is single crochet, and I hooked into the back loop of each stitch from the previous row in order to get a line on the surface of the fabric, which I think added another dimension to the colors in the yarn.