Thursday, May 25, 2006

In my knitting bag

I've been browsing around on Men Who Knit and Women Who Knit and came across a What's in your knitting bag?" post.

I don't really have a knitting bag. I think my equivalent is my "in progress" bin. It's so full of projects that I quail at the thought of trying to describe all of them. But I'm trying to get ready for a local street festival called "Art on Lark" so I'm running flat out to finish lots of stuff.

While down at the Woodstock Wool Company a couple weeks ago I picked up one of their mondo skeins of beautiful pima cotton. They dye it there, and the colors reminded me of Florida, where I spent the winter. I'm making it a derivation of Sally Melville's "Shape it!" scarf, and the colors of the yarn are the most beautiful in the long, slim rows, almost like ikat woven color changes. Me likes!

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