Monday, February 27, 2012

In progress: Cotton and tencel with stitch pattern experiment

Scarf, cotton and tencel blend, seed stich with other stitch patterns, size 6 bamboo cable needle, 24 in.

In my attempt to avoid repetitive knitting, I'm trying some stitch pattern variations.  This cotton and tencel blend shows off the stitches nicely, so I'm attempting a stockinette diamond in the midst of the triangle of this scarf.  The scarf shape is a very shallow triangle.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finished neutrals capelet

Capelet, stockinette stitch with crochet shell stitch trim at the top and double crochet ruffle at the bottom, mixed fibers: cotton, linen, mohair, silk, viscose, size 10 cable needle, 24 in., size e crochet hook

This took two attempts. I was using about six neutral tone yarns of various weights and fibers., but the values are quite different. I got about four inches up from the bottom and realized it just wasn't working, then decreased the needle size and used a lovely putty color Kidlin yarn between each of the other colors consistently though the fabric.

So I started with yarn A, then switched to yarn B, then C, then B, then D, then B and so on, always returning to B after each of the other yarns.  It evened out the fabric tones and took care of the herky-jerkey color transitions that I didn't like in the first attempt. The Kidlin is also a lace weight yarn, so it gave the fabric a lovely airy and lacey feel.  It's a great spring light weight capelet.

Honey color bamboo

Capelet, bamboo, rib stitch, size 7 bamboo cable needle, 24"

I sped through this, feeling eager to see the results.  The bamboo is on the heavy side, but drapes beautifully, like heavy linen.  I think it'll be a really lovely summer accessory.  

I did a straight rib stitch, and when I decreased it made somewhat of a ridge, and that is what makes the distinct horizontal lines in the photo.