Monday, October 17, 2005

Finished scarf

Scarf, acrylic and polyester, garter stitch, size 13 cable needle

This scarf has 11 stitches per row and it really looks as messy and shaggy as the photo. I tried getting the colors right for the scarf, but the background went all out of whack. It's another entry in the purple and gold series, which I'm still enjoying. I think I have the beginnings of everything here in the blog, so there'll be around of "finished" photos coming up of the next few weeks. Along with being in the purple and gold series, it's a member of the "skinny" scarf series that I've been creating since the spring. I always think of them as being favorites of the 11 - 20 crowd.

I was a complete knitting fiend over the weekend and am done with a couple of things along with making substantive progress on others. Photos will come soon.

All will go to the Fleur de Lis gallery in Woodstock, New York which helps support the Woodstock Guild. The gallery manager is trying to learn web skills and her goal is to eventually have something like an online catalog.

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