Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It is finished

Shawl, cotton "denim" yarn, garter and stockinett stitch with yo rows

The shawl is stretched out flat over my massage table and covers the entire thing. I wore it over to my dining hall yesterday and I can wrap it around my torso like the Indian shawls that I love very much. Yay! I don't know exactly what drove me to finish this thing so quickly except the feel of that marvelous cotton yarn through my fingers. It's divine. I spent the morning getting it completely finished with everything all neatly tucked in and had to undo the bind off row. I had used a larger needle in order to not get that too tight effect. It turns out I needed a tightening effect on the end because I had knit many yo rows and it was loosey goosey. The tight bind off row gathers things nicely back together again with a firm edge. Since it's so lacey it was difficult to weave in the knots, so I used sewing thread to secure them so that they wouldn't ravel or fray.

Then I celebrated by fooling around with bunches of old projects. I pulled another large shawl out of the bin and I'm sure I'll be sailing through it. See the Sept. 24 entry - the multicolor wool. I'm in love all over again!

I also started going through the miscellaneous bags and pulled out unlikely combinations while I'm thinking about scarves that will work up quickly on large needles. We'll see what turns up. I'm hovering over a black and red combination.

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