Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In the studio

Scarf, mixed fibers, garter stitch, size 13 needles

Here's my first result from the "unlikely combinations" play of Monday. This is my first scarf with the side fringe along the long sides of the scarf. I like it very much and am going to do many variations of it in the near future. I'm changing yarns every two rows which I think allows every color to make an impression in the overall fabric. I arbitrarily do a single row of color now and then just to be inconsistent. There are approximately 9 different yarns involved.

Last night I spent a very pleasant 90 minutes with three young women who want to learn to knit. One of them knows knitting a bit and is simply not yet able to read the knitting or completely understand what's going on. Remember that phase? She has yummy yarn and a set of hand me down needles that all look very very interesting. One has learned to crochet and knit from her grandmother, but gave it all up for a few years to study hard and come to America. She just is recalling crochet and now wants to see what she can get going again with knitting. One has never picked up the needles before. It was lovely time, sitting around the table and giving instruction and encouragement. I showed them the two Sally Melville books that I have and told them how good it is to have a basic book to use when they forget how to do something or want to learn a little something new.

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