Friday, October 21, 2005

My first capelet

Capelet, lavender mohair, rib stitch, size 13 cable needle

This is the completed version of the Sept. 27 entry.

I've been imagining how to put one of these together since last winter and finally the idea came about with the mohair because it's very warm yet won't do well next to the skin in a scarf. I did the flounce by knitting into the front and back of each stich after I picked up a stitch along the long edge from each row of the ribbed "body" rectangular piece. I've been browsing Nicky Epstein's book on edgings for the past couple months (Knitting on the Edge) and the chapter on ruffles is one of my favorites. At first I was imagining a stole that would have either two retro large buttons at the top of one side and loops to go around them, or a band at the shoulders that would be contrasting to the main stole and have one large button and buttonhole. In the end I crocheted a row of double crochet around the neck edge and made the cord out of a long chain with one row of single crochet to give it body but not too much weight. And that turned it into a capelet.

It's the first thing I've made that doesn't fit me - it's made for a girl or a very petite woman.

I like the off-center opening in the front.

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