Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finished scarf

Scarf, rib stitch with crocheted fringe along the long edge, size 9 cable needle; approximately 5 in x 84 in excluding side fringe

This wool is by Tahki I'm not sure if they make it any more. It's an absolute pleasure in my hands and I'm sure the wearer of this scarf will feel the reason why. It's one of the softest yarns I've used. It is a thick and thin spun yarn, which gives it a textural interest even with very plain stitch patterns like this rib pattern. You can see the undulating surface in the photo. The color also has a stark pureness that is attractive with the uneven surface texture.

I've tried making four other (unsuccessful) items with this yarn before this scarf, all too loosely knit. It doesn't work well on larger needles, so once I got this size 9 needle and the tried the rib stitch pattern, it was clear that the stitch should be a more tight dense one rather than a loose or lacey one. Loose lacy stitch patterns make everything look wonky with the thick and thin yarn. Next up is a hat, I think, with a tight crochet stitch.

I used a slip stitch selvage. With a crochet hook I picked up stitches along the edge, making a 14 stitch chain, turn and slip stitch in each chain stitch back to the scarf edge, two or three single crochet, picking up stiches from the scarf edge, then another fringe. The fringes are like little creatures with lives of their own.

It's very thin - about 14 stitches per row. But the loft of the yarn makes it a very warm garment. If I wasn't moving to Florida I'd keep this one for myself.

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piranha said...

it's a caterpillar scarf! way cute.