Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In the studio

Shawl, mixed fibers, garter stitch, increasing two stitches each row, size 11 cable needle

I began this in the summer and still love the lightweight feel of it. The base color, if I can call it that, is a tan EuroFlax linen which creates a lacey effect when knitted on the larger needles. You can see a thick tan stripe off to the left in the photo. Other yarns are bulkier and fuzzy or tufted and fill in the fabric so that the effect overall is sort of webby and mossy and very uneven rather than uniform. There are several metallic fibers that don't show up in the photo and they give the occasional flash of light. I'm leaving the knots right out there without weaving in the ends. I make up balls of yarn from about 15 different yarns, cutting arbitrary lengths as I go along. I use the EuroFlax linen just about every other yarn, so that it's pervasive and the other yarns stand out from that base smooth matte tan texture and color. The knot ends contribut to a very shaggy, barbaric fabric look. I've described a similar shawl as being like something you'd pick up off the forest floor.


piranha said...

oh, i like this one a lot!

Lorre said...

Thanks! I began another last night with mostly the same yarns, but no fringe.