Monday, October 24, 2005

Finished scarf

Scarf, mixed fibers, garter stitch, size 13 needles; excluding fringe about 5 in x 84 in

This is the completed scarf from the Oct. 12 entry. It worked up quickly and was very satisfying. I still want to do many more with the fringe along the long edges. Or at least some sort of embellishement along those edges. After finishing the Noro Silk Garden scarf in the Oct. 10 entry I've realized that it needs something, and I may try some kind of long-edge embellishment.

I liked working with a rather limited group of yarns for this scarf, especially since one of them is a Noro Kureyon that changes radically in color through a sky blue, pink and bright yellow. All these yarns are also worsted weight or near that, so there's a uniformity to the fabric that I like quite a bit.

Saturday I met a friend who gave me wonderful advice on free lance art work, since she's a singer in New York City. I met her in Poughkeepsie and we had a nice lunch in Rhinebeck at the Beekman Arms. It was raining steadily, so it wasn't a great day for walking. She agreed to accompany me up to Woodstock and I took another box of knitting to the Fleur de Lis gallery of the Woodstock Guild. The knitting that I took on my previous trip is displayed very nicely and put in different places around the shop. All the pieces are in the blog. I could tell that the shop manager had tried on all of them. She told me that the customers in the gallery like reading the tags. I usually put some sort of collage or rubber-stamp work on one side of the tag, then a desciption of the work and care instructions on the other side.

Also I should send more hats.

I felt the slightest sensation of a vacuum with all those pieces gone when I got back to my studio. So I started a few more and scrounged back through the in-progress bin. Red wrist warmers, mohair capelet II, shaggy shawl in teal and purple, "mossy" colors shaggy shawl, big mother of all shawls, etc. etc. Peectures soon!

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