Sunday, July 31, 2005


Note: the twisted stitch in the scarf from the July 29 entry is from Vogue Knitting International Fall 2004 issue, pattern #23 "Posh Pullover". The stitch pattern doesn't seem to have a name.

That said, here's a review of the book: Erica Knight is another inspiring designer that gets my thoughts going. There's just something about beautifully photographed knitting that is endlessly attractive for me. One of the more memorable pieces is the pair of satin ribbon slippers (on the cover) that I swear I'm going to make some day! Knight leads knitters through a variety of unconventional knitting materials, and is very good at also giving examples of household items rather than sticking with sweaters and scarves. I think her sensibilities and hip style sense make knitting look positively the hippest of the hip. She gives an example of knitting with wire, and also knitting by cutting up those omnipresent poly bags that everyone brings home from shopping. Cutting into my stash of those things is definitely on my list. Caveat: I read knitting books for the photos and rarely use the directions, so if you want a more technical review of her pattern writing, please find other reviews.

Here's the full cite:
Simple Knits with a Twist: Unique Projects for Creative Knitters, by Erica Knight, April 2004, Stewart, Tabori & Chang,
ISBN: 1-58479-361-9 Softcover, 128p. $19.95


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