Thursday, July 14, 2005


Teva Durham has published a collection of her designs that is inspiring and delightfully contemporary, yet they're looking back at a long tradition. It's called Loop-d-Loop. She writes that those words describe for her a lot of what knitting is all about. Her web site, Loop-d-loop,, gives a good preview of the book's contents. She has very strong style elements and her designs strike me as being good for beginners because they'll knit up quickly. She generally encorporates nice big bulky yarns that make small pieces go together in a snap. I get tired of looking at the same old things, so I was encouraged by Ms. Durham's designs to believe that there's still more to invent when it comes to knitting.

I got this book at my local independent bookstore, because I don't shop for books on the web and want my bookstore to be around for a long time. If you like Loop-d-Loop, I recommend you get it either from your local book store or yarn shop.

The whole citation: Loop-D-Loop, by Teva Durham and Adrian Buckmaster, June 2005. Stewart, Tabori & Chang
ISBN: 1-58479-414-3 (hard cover) 176 p., $29.95


Kate said...

Teva Durham is a great designer, isn't she?! Some of her designs are not things I would wear, but I always love her creativity and innovation. I really want to make the leaf pull-over from Loop-d-loop that was featured in Interweave. I just have to find the right yarn...

Lorre said...

Yeah, yarn type is crucial to her designs, I think, and getting the good bulky, smooth yarn that makes every stitch defined and visible is the ticket. That leaf design is magnificent. Good luck!