Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In the studio

White wool worsted, rib stitch.

This little gem is one I began in a series of thin scarves. Elissa Halloran asked me for thin scarves, so I decided on a series that would include lots of flash (sequins) and a variety of textures and weights. This wool feels marvelous. It's "Vail" by Colorado yarns, and it feels good going through my fingers. I decided on smaller needles than the larger sizes I've been using for scarves lately to create a lot of loose drape. This scarf is on size 9 needles, so there's drape, but not the loosey goosey texture I've been doing in scarves with long rows and several yarns. Using only one yarn and having the scarf be on the firmer, heavier side (thanks to the rib stitch) helped me enjoy the contrast from many of the others in the series.

All day yesterday in the studio I made myself work on the sequins for a berry red wool scarf. The sequins are turquoise, and on the red they're quite interesting. I'm counting on them at least being visible in a photo! With a few more hours of finishing I should finally be able to take a bag full of thin scarves to Elissa!

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