Friday, July 29, 2005

In the studio

Scarf, Noro "Silk Garden" yarn - 45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair, 10% Lambs Wool, twisted stockinette stitch (I don't know the official name of the stitch), size 15 needles

I've become obsessed with this twisted stitch. I think I'm doing about four things now using it. This one is almost done, and very lacy because of the huge needles. I like doing the stitch with smooth rather than fuzzy yarns so far because it has such great lines, and I like them to show clearly. I found it in a magazine sweater pattern and didn't want to do the whole sweater. The magazine sweater was done in a light blue cashmere blend yarn and is utterly smashing because of the twist pattern. I apologize for not being able to cite it.

The studio is really jumping these days with projects. I at last realized that I can listen to internet "radio" while I'm in there and so I'm spending hours and hours listening to "radio" from all around the world and that keeps me going with the knitting - "just have to do a few more rows here so I can listen to the rest of this show" and like that. And I'm brushing up on my French, German and Spanish too!

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