Monday, July 25, 2005


The dreamy photos capture my imagination. Although I spent many hours with this book, I'm not going to knit anything based on the patterns. I bought it because it's eye candy. So I can't really make comment on the quality of the patterns, although I have found XRX Books to generally be high quality when I have used them. I enjoyed very much the variety of designs and the range from simple to very complex pieces that would keep your mind wrapped up in counting for the entire piece. After absorbing all I could in terms of enjoying the various ideas, I donated it to my local library. I'm sure I'll visit it from time to time for the pleasure of looking at the photos. I was inspired each time I opened it.

Here's the whole citation: Arans and Celtics: The Best of Knitter's Magazine by Alexis Xenakis; November 2003; XRX Books;
ISBN: 1-893762-05-X; 108p. $19.95

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