Thursday, July 21, 2005


Since I'm a sucker for Xenakis's photography, I love this book. It's been in my bed for quite awhile because I ruminate over the shapes and ideas as I'm falling asleep. The variety of shapes and weights and textures is wonderful food for thought as I forge my own designs. The editors have selected casual as well as delicate and dressy wraps and ponchos. There are more than a dozen, but that's ok by me. It feels like there are a hundred, because when I leave the book alone for a few weeks I go back to it and there are more ideas for me to ponder.

Here's the whole citation:

Ponchos and Wraps: A Knitter's Dozen; Alexis Xenakis (Photographer); April 2005; XRX Books ISBN: 1-933064-01-3; Softcover (Trade Paper)80 p $15.95

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Julie said...

I have this book too... in fact I am knitting a wrap out of it right now! Great ChoicE!