Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I consider this to be a companion piece to the one I posted about yesterday. It's the same giant needles but a doulble rib, k2,p2.

I've begun to prepare some sample pieces for my Art Night knitters. Our school colors are purple and gold, so I've taken up a few scarves and hats in purple and gold to see if I can inspire them to think about the color possibilities and the sense of school spirit that wearing the colors can enhance. Photos to come.

Besides Art Night, my programs in the dorm now include clusters of one I call The Librarian is IN. I begin just as the reference desk in the main library on campus closes and offer personal service regarding using databases, learning about what's on the library web site, and all things web-oriented. I don't have a collection of print materials in my little office, so I just use what I can via my web connection and dispense advice about going to the library to get other stuff.

And yes, Elizabeth, you should leave a comment now and then.

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