Wednesday, July 27, 2005

In the studio

Triangle shawl, mixed fibers

This is probably my last fling using many many yarns in one piece. I've made lots of these now and it's time to move on, although I do love them very much. I'm going back to a mix of EuroFlax tan linen with several other linens and fuzzy yarns, adding in sequins and yarns with sparkly fibers in them. I'm also back to making it all rather lacy by using large needles. So it'll be a very loosey goosey drape in the fabric. I've made balls of yarn by selecting arbitrary lengths of the various yarns, being sure to use the EuroFlax between each different color. This makes for much of the shawl being the rich tan of the linen with the other colors contrasting and coming forth, and a lot of earth tones make it look like something you could pick up off a forest floor. I'm also not weaving in the ends so that it'll be a rather shaggy, barbarian sort of looking thing. At the end of each row I'm tying a big loop to make a loopy fringed edge.

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