Saturday, July 23, 2005

Knitting with fabric

I've crocheted with cloth strips more than knitted with them. This is my most recent esperiment and I'm not altogether happy yet. That's a size 19 needle and the fabric is heavy silk charmeuse. Maybe I'll be happier with something other than stockinette stitch.


Elizabeth said...

Oooo, you should see the knitted/braided rugs that Crystal and I saw at a store in downtown Brattleboro. They were done in polished cottons and alternated several rows of traditional braiding with stockinette stitch. Then there were others that were pieced like a quilt. Really cool.

Lorre said...

Sounds yummy. I've found that when I crochet with cloth, it's bullet-proof and always looks good and has lots of charm. So I was a bit deflated at the results of these pieces. They need lots of tweaking!

Thanks for finally commenting!!!