Thursday, July 28, 2005


Mixed fibers, linen stitch, size 11 needles

This project was one of the first in which I intentionally used analogous colors (from the "color wheel" in color theory) to form the fabric. Since then I've played much more with analogous colors and like how they work together in fabric. I like to think of three analogous colors, then sometimes stretch beyond that limit with maybe one yarn, to add something that stands out within the fabric and catches the eye.

The linen stitch is very difficult for me to do for long periods of time. There's not a piece I've tried using linen stitch that hasn't become screwed up because I can't concentrate enough to keep the same number of stitches in every row. Ripping it out makes me even more upset!


Elizabeth said...

Linen stitch *is* a bitch to rip out. I actually like that it takes just a little bit of concentration and have the most problem if I put it down for a while after ending a row. Then I have to look carefully to see which side I'm on next. But I love what it does to colors and I love the fabric it makes.

This piece of yours is gorgeous. Is it the one I was drooling on IRL, or is it another one?

Lorre said...

It's the one you met. I still don't know how to make the camera depict even a fraction of the proper colors and textures, but I'm slowing working on that. I love the way Photoshop allows me to tweak colors and easily crop the photos so that you don't see my studio mess in every picture.

Anonymous said...

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