Monday, August 01, 2005

In the studio

scarf, rib stitch, merino wool "Vaudeville" by Artful

This yarn had me stumped for a long time. I got it in a grab bag. It's a complicated knitted tube of fine merino wool fibers. This makes it stretch like crazy. This scarf is with a size 19 needle. At that needle size the fabric has a little drape. I started out knitting with the yarn on size 9 or ten needles, I think. It made a very heavy and stiff fabric. It would probably be suitable for a fitted jacket, and stand up by itself. It was a little awkward for a scarf. Then I made a couple huge scarves with it that were almost stoles. I bartered them for some maginificent jewelry at a craft fair last fall, and was very pleased that the jewelry makers who took them loved the colors. I have a strange relationship with the colors myself and don't like them more often than I do. But I'm glad there are people who like the colors, because I have lots of this yarn!

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