Thursday, August 18, 2005

In the studio

Scarf, all wool, twisted stockinette stitch

This is the Colorado Wool company "Vail" yarn, and it shows the twisted stockinette stitch beautifully because of the very smooth way it has been spun. It took me awhile to love the "Vail" yarn, but now it has captured my heart because of the weight and the beautiful way it shows off a pattern. It is currently about as cheap as dirt at Webs. I love this intarsia long stripe design and will probably use it more, with different stitch patterns. I happen to love the twisted stockinette too, so I'll looking around for ways to use it again.


Elizabeth said...

The twisted stockinette looks like it would be fun to play with. I'm currently stuck on linen stich, but have been looking for other stitches to use. Seed works nicely and I think moss would as well, but I'm not sure I can keep track of moss. I'll have to go looking for directions for the twisted stockinette (unless you have pointers?).

Lorre said...

Lemme see...the magazine issue where the instructions are is somewhere here in the blog in one of the entries that has the stitch. If you can't find the issue, let me know.