Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In the studio

Stole, tweedy silk yarn, garter and stockinette combination, size 4 needle

Webs is not far from home, and for awhile I was enjoying myself going there and drifting through their warehouse, satisfying my urge to be overwhelmed with yarns. They put out a good deal of yarn on cones because they also sell to weavers and they like offering yarns every which way for sale. I couldn't resist a couple cones of this silk. I wish I knew what to call the stitch that consists of YO every stitch in the row, then the next row letting the YO fall away and just knitting the original stitch, so there's a big loopy row of double-length stitches. It makes everything very lacy. Essentially this stole is put together on the same idea as the shawl in the July 7 entry, but smaller gauge. I like to arbitrarily decide what stitch each row will be as I'm going along. The silk is the dry-feeling kind, so on days when the humidity is low it feels interesting, and I'm knitting on an old plastic cable needle from my mom's collection. On humid days it sticks to everything, and I avoid it.


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