Monday, August 10, 2015

Light Pink Cotton Scarf

Scarf, cotton, garter stitch on the bias, size 8 wood cable needle, 16 in.

This lovely light pink yarn was the inspiration for this fluffy piece.  I decided to stitch it on the bias so that the fabric would be a little bit more unconventional than a straight stitch.  The thick and thin yarn doesn't really need a fancy stitch to produce a striking fabric.

The bias orientation means that in row one a stitch is added at one end of the row and a stitch is deleted at the other end.

In spite of the straightforward, uncomplicated stitch, this scarf spent many months in suspended animation as I struggled about whether to go on.  I'm glad I did! When I hold its lovely soft pink fabric in my hands I know that people will find this to be a delightful scarf.  I love the pebbly surface!

The scarf is about 60 inches long and about 7 inches wide, so it's perfect for warmer weather wear, or for air conditioned spaces.

It folds up neatly and will fit into a small bag or packpack, but it also will comfortably wrap around the neck twice and allow for a loose knot.

This scarf is for sale along with about a dozen others in my etsy shop, Little Hands Studio: 


Linda said...

I have a bunch of diagonal (on the bias) scarves going right now - using variegated yarn. It really gets a pretty design going in them!

Linda in VA

Lorre S said...

Great! Post some photos! 8-) I like them because there's that little thing you have to do every other row, but it's not too complicated.