Friday, August 07, 2015

Hot pink silk with mohair

Chained pink silk, mohair lavender boucle,  seed stitch, size 11 wood cable needle.

It took awhile to figure out what to do to take an ordinary hot pink and elevate it to something else.

After awhile I began to really love the way the lavender boucle loups made a little halo around the bulky pink strands.

I love all the contrasts within the scarf - the bulky silk and the delicate mohair, the delicate lavender against the brash pink. The texture is soft because of the matte silk, but not terribly fuzzy.

It's not quite a triangle, but not a regular rectangle shape.

It will easily wrap twice around the neck and have plenty of room for a knot to secure it.  If worn like a headscarf it will cover the ears nicely, but not quite cover the entire back of the head.

This scarf is for sale along with about a dozen others in my etsy shop, Little Hands Studio: 

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