Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Blue Cotton Daily Scarf

What first attracted me to the yarn was the color.  And then of course cotton.

I definitely like the tweedy and heathery effect that the different strands within the yarn produce.

While making the scarf I enjoyed the way the yarn went through my fingers.  It was always a joy to pick up the knitting and work with it for an hour or so.  I used a large cable wooden needle and a straightforward rib stitch.  The rib was very tight when I was working it, then it stretched out to make the famous "ribs" as I bound off the needle.

The long length and the drape will look good on very tall people as well as others - this scarf will never look "skimpy" no matter what the body shape.


This scarf is for sale along with about a dozen others in my etsy shop, Little Hands Studio: 

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