Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aqua Cotton Capelet

Capelet, cotton chained tape, wide rib stitch, size 10.5 cable needle, nickel, 24 in.

I found this chained cotton tape on sale at The Yarn Company in New York City this summer and began a project with it immediately.  I enjoy this yarn a great deal because of it's springy-ness, even though it is cotton, which is often the texture of  kite string. I've worked with it in five colors now.

After a good start I created the notes page - each project gets a page to keep track of when it was started, notes about the design and techniques, where photographs are located, when it is completed and other useful notes.

This is the last row before binding off the stitches. The weight is a little on the bulky side, which I find very interesting. It still has all the properties of a good cotton. I began at the bottom and knit upwards to the neck edge, decreasing the width of the rib on the way up.

It is a thing!

The pale aqua looks a little different in different kinds of light.

I steamed and blocked it to relax the texture and I really love the way it looks and feels - it has a beautiful drape, which is I why I love working with this cotton.  It's about 55 inches around at the bottom and about 24 inches at the neck, and is about 15 inches long - it stops at around the elbows.

This gives the best sense of the color.

This scarf will be for sale along with  others in my etsy shop, Little Hands Studio: 

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Linda said...

I love your "thing" - LOL! That shade of blue is so soft and pretty - very calming....

Linda in VA