Sunday, August 23, 2015

Black Lacy Cotton and Linen Shawl/Scarf

Shawl, cotton, silk and linen, seed stitch, size 10 aluminum cable needle, 24 inches.

The two novelty yarns  and large needles make this a very unusual fabric.  The small flags yarn is somewhat crispy due to the linen paper, and the more dense cotton, silk and linen yarn adds a lovely drape.  While not totally transparent, it's very lacy.

This is about halfway through - the yarn slides around on the aluminum needles so it's necessary to keep a good grip on things.  Losing track of stitches with black yarn can be disastrous.

The linen paper flags make a little rustle and a lot of texture. Although it's not gaudy, this unusual

surface makes the fabric a standout.  The fine guage yarns make for a very lightweight shawl, and if wrapped around the neck with the triangle point in front it will act as a scarf without too much warmth because of the cotton and linen fiber.

70 inches wide and about 18 inches deep at the triangle point.

This scarf will be for sale along with  others in my etsy shop, Little Hands Studio: 

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