Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In the studio

Scarf, green silk with green sequins, lace stitch, size 9 wood cable needle, 16 in.

I've been making progress on this wonderful experiment lately. I began to shred the yarn because I ripped the first ten yards out about five times. So this final time I just kept going, and learned how to rip out just a little and repair mistakes. The lace kicked my butt for awhile, but now I have the pattern in my muscle memory. The sad part of this photo is that I'm not skilled enough to capture the sequins!!! They really make the yarn and the fabric much more attractive than I can show here. My design idea is to make this a very long scarf, and I'll braid the fringe. I think that the light weight of the lace fabric will make it suitable for summer, more as a decorative scarf than one for warmth.

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Monica Silva said...

I like this lacy green silk scarf!

I understand what you're saying about learning how to rip out little by little to repair mistakes. To me it's frustrating because I spend more time ripping out and learning and not much to show for it. In the end, everyone goes through this. Deep down we know it's worth it.

Happy knitting,

Monica Silva