Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the studio

Afghan, mixed fibers, "woven" stitch, size 13 cable needle, 29 in.

This is another update of the Nov. 6, 2006 and Feb 15, 1007 entries. Actually it's the culmination of the work pictured in the very first blog entry in fall of 2004. I've decided to go to bedspread size for this monster. And I've actually done about 12 inches since this photo was taken, so I figure I want to put another 12 or so inches on it and I'm done.

I thought of this afghan originally as a project that would use up vast amounts of yarn and decrease my stash volume. But then I kept buying yarn that I thought would make it even MORE beautiful, and now I still have a very large bin of yarn in these colors. I started to make pillow shams using a more narrow color range. There will be a sham in purples and a sham in teals.

I may have to make another afghan. I already have lots of ideas rolling around in my head for what sort of fabric I want to make. I might try something like this but in a crochet version. Perhaps in a rather outlandish stitch pattern.

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