Friday, May 04, 2007

In the studio

Wall hanging, mixed fibers; wool, cotton, nylon, lurex, acrylic, hemp, mohair, rayon; with 6 dowels evenly spaced outlining 5 knitted panels. Stockinette with reverse stockinette shapes, size 9 wood needles.

I've been wanting to get this more complete photo of the wallhanging into the blog. It's still hanging like this, awaiting the next step. I've been contemplating it, and the next step is light green tendrils spreading vertically up through all the panels, with very small willow-like leaves. It will be beaded as well as stitched.

I still like the effect of the reverse stockinette and am planning to use this technique in more of my work.

I'm thinking of putting a lining on the back in order to prevent stretching, then stitching through both layers.

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