Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Finished circle scarf

Angora collar or circle scarf, size 4 16 in and size 7 16 in cable needles rib edges with stockinette stitch body

I found the USB cable for my camera!

So here is the circle scarf I discussed in the previous entry. I have a photo of a version of it on Nov. 28. I ripped all that out and started on smaller needles. I think the result is much more attractive.


Melinda said...

Hi - I'm a knitter too. I like your circle scarf idea! I suppose you could also use it as a headband.

joe said...

hi there. i too am a knitter. but a novice and so i was wondering how you complete the circle. is there a knitting technique to attaching two ends or do you just sew them together?