Monday, May 07, 2007

In the studio

Triangle shawl [increase one stitch each row], suri [alpaca], garter stitch, size 10 aluminum cable needle, 24 in.

I got this yarn in a swap (thanks, Elly!), and it's fabulous. The skeins have around 300 yards each, and I'm going to keep going on this shawl until I use both skeins, so it will be rather large. It's light weight, however - still no more than several ounces.

I finished a circle scarf this weekend, and have to find the USB cable for my camera before I can show it to you!

I also got out the teal/blue/purple afghan and all the yarns and put a few more inches on yesterday. I do love that big old thing! See Feb. 15 2007 entry for a photo. I'm ready to keep at least one afghan project going at all times.

For the first time I put a life line into some lace on Saturday. I used dental floss. I got instructions on how to do it from the friendly folks at Trumpet Hill yarn shop up in Latham. Of course, that was *after* ripping it out three times due to dropped stitches.

Stop laughing.


Elizabeth said...

Can you explain what a lifeline is in lace knitting? Betcha it's a tip I could use.

Lorre said...

Yes - thread a needle with something sturdy and use the needle to thread it through every loop of the row that is on the knitting needle.

Don't tangle it with stitches as you are knitting the next row.

Do this at intervals. It will stop the raveling and keep all the loops of the stitch pattern in tact.

Elizabeth said...

Cool! Thanks!