Thursday, September 06, 2007

Finished scarf

Scarf, wool, rib stitch, intarsia color work size 7 aluminum cable needle, 24 in.

I think this might be my most photographed piece, but I just had to show off these tassels! The small needles and length of the scarf - about 65 in. - made the going very slow. So for myself I needed all those "in progress" shots because it never seemed like I was getting anywhere!

I don't show many finished pieces, and I realize I should do more of it. However, often I quickly stash them away for safekeeping after I weave in the ends and do all the other finishing tasks. Then it's too much bother to fish them out again for peectures.

I feel at last that I have captured the real purple of this scarf in the photo. It took just the right lighting. I know that your browser and monitor may undo all my efforts at showing the true color, but I am much more satisfied with this rendition than in any of the others. It's not tweaked by Photoshop.

*snork* of course I meant to put the gold tassel on the purple corner and purple tassel on gold corner, but after I did them and took all that time to weave in the ends and make very secure knots, I didn't have the heart to rip it all out and start over.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh how did you do that!!! its amazing please share!!!