Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Home Knits: Luxurious Handknits for Every Room of the House; Suss Cousins; 2006; Crown; ISBN: 0-307-33591-7; 160p.; $32.50(USD)

I'm having a wonderful time with this book. I'm hesitant to try and make general statements about Suss Cousins designs. I like them very much. Since I've recently moved into a new apartment, the timing of this purchase makes it of great interest to me. There are only a few instances that make me go "oh please", because Cousins has gone a bit over the edge into the ridiculous. The coasters is one of these examples. I'm sorry, but knitted coasters, no matter how cute, are over the line.

There's a simplicity and a tendency toward the rustic that makes me fall in love with the cushions, the table runner, the guest towels and other sort of corny but wonderful household things. At the same time there's a sophistication that makes them all worth a second look and will keep them from getting plain boring after the glow of having made them oneself wears off.

Since I tend to skip over the technicalities, I can't comment on the ease or difficulty of the directions, and since I concentrate on the pictures, I can say that the photography is wonderful and I have spent many a pleasant hour enjoying these designs. This book has been in my bed for at least two weeks.

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