Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In the studio - woven stitch shawl

Shawl, mixed fibers - wool, mohair, nylon, silk; woven stitch, size 4 wood cable needle, 24 inches.

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March 2009
September 2008

Little did I think in 2008 when I started this shawl that I would be still working on it in 2011, but I am.  One of the most difficult things has been to keep from pilfering the yarns that "belong" to the project because they are so gorgeous.  But it will not remain a consisten fabric throughout if I don't keep the original yarns.  So I have pilfered some, and have had to go digging through the stash to gather them back to this project a few times.

The gauge makes it a long piece, and it is about 30 inches wide.  Each row is its own journey, sort of like an afghan that is knitted all the way across in rows.  I have a dream of finishing it within the next couple months, so I am trying to work it into a daily knitting habit, somewhat like the whites afghan below.

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