Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the studio - lightweight linen stitch

Shawl, mixed fibers - wool, mohair, nylon, silk; woven stitch, size 4 wood cable needle, 24 inches.

I'm too lazy to try to get the colors right, but the previous post September 13 is much more accurate. Now I have about a foot of fabric approximately 30 inches across for each row. The final dimensions will be a shawl that is about 70 inches wide about about 30 inches long (or maybe "deep"). This is going to be a very extravagant shawl, and I'm having a wonderful time putting all the yarns together. There are lots of sequins that refuse to show themselves in the photo. Since I am changing yarns each row it is quite a challenge. I have tried not to get repetitive, and also have been adding yarns and I'm up to almost 40. I do include some sort of black at least every 3 row to keep a consistent look about the fabric. I let the work "rest" for quite awhile, but now I think it will be near at hand until it is done.

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