Friday, March 07, 2008

In the studio

Triangle shawl, nylon and lurex, garter stitch, size 5 cable needle, 24" and size 13 cable needle, 16"

The bronze glinty yarn caught my eye months ago, but I finally picked it up a couple weeks ago when I was in Saratoga Springs for the Dance Flurry. It's a Rowan confection and I'm very much enjoying the drape. Although lots of things really irk me about it, the results are worth it. I have created horizontal panels by knitting an occasional row with the size 13 needles. It's a nice effect. In each wide panel I will be placing several applique pieces.

I was talking it over with Paul at Woodstock Wool Company and I said that I was looking for flower patterns to do the applique. He said "Oh no. Not flowers. That is just not right for the yarn." Or something close to that. Now I know he's right. The yarn is too metallic for flowers. So now I'm thinking about stars or other abstract or geometric shapes.

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