Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In the studio - yellow afghan

Afghan, mixed fibers: wool, linen, cotton, rayon, silk, acrylic, polyester, nylon, mohair, metallic; linen stitch, size 10.5 aluminum cable needle, 24 in.

I last posted about this work on September 24. I haven't worked on it in awhile, but now it's front and center in my studio - well, with only about five other projects. For awhile I lost steam and wondered about working in yellow, but I'm reinvigorated now and am forging ahead. I'm combining two strands for most of the rows to get a surface that is extremely complex, using a range of colors from white to yellow green to yellow to yellow oranges to salmon pinks.

Since I'm not done with my "bohemian" period, also called my "barbarian" period, I'm using the flags, tags and squiggles yarns to really rough up the surface. It's just getting more and more yummy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lorre. I spent some time looking at many of your beautiful knitted creations today. The yarns you use are scrumptious. It's obvious the joy you get fro working with these beautiful yarns.