Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finished cowl

Cowl, knitted stockinette stitch with improvised crochet border; linen and mohair yarn - 2 strands, four colorways; size 4 cable needle, 16in.; unsized aluminum crochet hook (about size A or size 1 steel hook)

I've enjoyed working with these color combinations. In almost every colorway the linen strand is a slightly different color than the mohair. I staggered the color change rows so that there isn't an obvious transition line from stripe to stripe. The cowl is a very welcome change from scarves and shawls. I'm contemplating a drawstring so that the wearer can adjust either end for a tighter fit.


Stef said...

really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oh lorre, that's lovely!

Lorre said...

Fanks guys!