Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Labels: Rowan "rag" yarn, cotton embroidery

Here's the requested photo of the labels I've made to "sign" my hand loomed work. The rag "yarn" is a lovely cotton tricot, beautifully soft. Rowan designers have made it up into balls with the strip folded, much like those who braid rugs fold the fabric. I ironed it flat, and it's a bit more than 1cm wide. I have sewn my name on more narrow ribbons, so this is fairly roomy and I can backstitch the letters more comfortably. I just plunge in and do the letters free style, although someday when I want them to look more refined I'll probably draw them in pencil first. It is a great challenge to decide where to put the labels on the work. In some cases I use the label to mark a certain spot on a garmet to help the wearer put it on correctly, or at least the way I intended.

Oh yeah, and that's my latest magazine - I highly recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

oh, teh cute! :) thanks for the pics.