Monday, June 12, 2006

In the studio

Wool shawl, viariation of basket stitch, size 10 needles

Here's my homage to Kuryon yarn yet again. This time I want to show the tabs I'm putting on the ends instead of fringe. I decided to make them about 4 inches long, with points on the ends. I'm exploring more and more edging ideas thanks to Nicky Epstein and her recent books on edging, Knitting on the Edge and Knitting Over the Edge.
There are three stitches between each tab, and I think I may change that because they look a little bit too far apart. I'm also fantasizing about putting a small tuft on the end of each tab.


piranha said...

i like the idea of small tufts, i think.

that epstein book is on my wanted list. :) it's a tad pricey, and i'm probably gonna wait to get it used if powells gets a copy in.

Lorre said...

Thanks for your opinion! So next attempt will include tabs closer together and a tuft or two to see what they look like. I'm also eager to block it, especially the tabs. I think I won't really be able to understand how they're going to look until they're blocked.