Monday, June 05, 2006

Finished capelet

Filet crochet, black/silver metallic ribbon, US size N hook, picot border on lower edge

Oh yeah -- I've ended up really loving this piece. I can't count how many patterns and ideas I had to try before I found something that I liked with this ribbon. It was in the $3.00 bin at my local yarn shop, so I got bunches. It was a difficult challenge! It's over 1cm wide. I feel that it's quite heavy when knitted up, so I like an airy pattern to keep the weight from getting to be too much. I tried large shell patterns with the N needle, then finally settled on the filet. The shells were too bulky, and looked very cool until the thing was on a real body, then it was not so good. I think it works beautifully in the filet and has the drape I was seeking.

Do you think it looks like chain mail?

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