Friday, June 09, 2006

Finished capelet

Capelet, mixed fibers, largely "Melody" yarn from Southwest Trading Company, plus various wool and nylon yarns, size 13 cable needle, 16", reverse stockinette stitch

I'm having a great time cooking up various fabrics, and I have piles of vary simple pieces that show off the stitches and fibers now. While the red piece in a previous post is shot through with just a couple other colors, this piece is more like 80% of the Melody yarn, with sort of an "icing" of the fluffy white and ivory yarns. I'm playing with balances of like that. In this work the character remains very lacy, but the fabric is more substantial than the red one.

I'm taking them all to our local Art on Lark fair tomorrow, and I'll see how people respond to them in person.

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