Thursday, June 02, 2005

Woodstock Wool Company rocks

I was reminded that I actually blog about knitting when I admitted that I have a knitting blog on Sunday. I was at one of the most wonderful yarn shops in the world, the Woodstock Wool Company.

I love to go there and knit when I'm in Woodstock [New York]. I always find yummy yarn and this time I picked up a beautiful lavender linen by EuroFlax. I'm going to try a very thin, lacey scarf with it.

I'll get out the camera and get some pictures up soon because I was working on yet another one of these mixed yarn shawls that I truly love while sitting around the "living room" in the shop. As usual, I met a few complex and wonderful people who also knit. I'm knittin' my fingers to the bone getting ready for our local art fair here in Albany.

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Piglet said...

*giggle* Hello!!

I googled for "Woodstock Wool Company", checking on a label in my stash. Didn't realize this was your review until I got to the "posted by Lorre" at the end. :-).