Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Knitting in the air

I took some yarn that I wouldn't mind getting confiscated to the airport with me and put it in my carry on bag last weekend. I took a bamboo cable set of needles and no one said a thing. I sat on the plane and knitted, sat in the waiting area and knitted and had a blast. I'm going to town with a cashmerino yarn that I'm making into a thin scarf, seed stitch. This is another one of my sequin experiments. It's a berry red and I'm going to put black sequins on it. Unless I change my mind. I knitted all over North Michigan Ave., in the neighborhood called the Magnificent Mile. I had magnificent tappas and armenian food. Yum!

Thanks to Paul for making a comment! I must go and make photos of my works in progress. But I'm off to read QueerJoe's blog first.

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